Monday, February 6, 2012


First Prize!  "Moonrise" won First Prize for Mixed Media in the February 2012 San Dieguito Art Guild show!

Moonrise is 11x14", acrylic media and collage on panel.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moon-Jeweled Midnight

Palette for Alzheimer's Association Gala March 23, 2012:  I created this piece to be auctioned at the upcoming Alzheimer's fundraiser.

This scene originated in a memory of a warm autumn night.   We had changed the clocks and there was an early moonrise.   The moon itself was tinged with gold, as you sometimes see around harvest time.   I reflected that it is only because of the gathering dark that we can see the beauty of the moon.  The leaves had fallen, but once again I pondered how it is only with the night that the dampness on the leaves can sparkle in the moonlight.  We artists obsess about light.  This piece celebrates the beauty which is only visible when light wanes.

Moon-Jeweled Midnight  is Acrylic Media and Collage on a wooden artist's palette. Palette measures approximately 11-3/4" high by 15-1/2" wide.