Monday, September 5, 2011


Designing in a Grid: Carrie Burns Brown mentioned in her recent collage workshop that she often designs in a grid.  Other artists I admire do this, too.  (George James is a master.) I realized that my women-at-the-bar paintings were somewhat painted in a grid.   So I continue to riff on the dining and quaffing at the beach, and am focusing on a grid-based design.  It's really interesting to work this way.
Margarita is 8x8" acrylic media and collage on panel.

Cuba Libre

Layers: Another thing we did in our collage workshop was to make an "underpainting"  of collage papers, and then collage even more on top.  Layers add mystery.  Many of the papers used were papers we made by painting tissue paper and then texturing with even more paint.  Layers made of layers!
Cuba Libre is 8x8" acrylic media and collage on panel.